Serengeti kusini airstrip

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A small airstrip that is located near the Kusini kopjes of Serengeti national park, that serves as a convenient way of getting to an area with otherwise less reliable road networks. It also sits in an area where the wildebeest migration starts from, thus enabling visitors in the area to view their large numbers from above.

Other features nearby that you could visit by plane include lakes Ndutu, Masek, Elemeti and El dabash - all of which serve as a calving area for wildebeest and zebra.

What to do there?Get a flight into or out of the area, or just one to tour the Serengeti from above.

Best time to visit?End of the year or the start of it, when the wildebeest, zebra are in the area for calving along with their accompanying horde of predators. It is also a time after the short rains of November and December, when the plants are greening, but the roads are still usable.

Location of Serengeti kusini airstripThe Kusini airstrip is located near the Kusini Kopjes and in the south of Serengeti national park, with the border between it and Maswa game reserve being a few kilometres south of it. For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get there?By air would be the most convenient, from other airstrips in the area such as Ndutu or Seronera, or cities nearby.

For the more scenic route, you could drive there from areas nearby, though you may need a good 4 x 4 if doing so during the rainy season of march to June. Private vehicles, rentals or tours and travel vehicles can all be used.

For more information on park fees and tariffs, please see the TANAPA website, and if going there by a private car, fees paid include vehicle entry fee, camping/accommodation fees and conservation fees.

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