Adamax Salt Pan

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The third largest salt pan in Etosha national park, though much smaller than the Etosha pan.

It fills up with water during the summer rains, and there is a seasonal river on its south that drains water into it.

In the dry season, it turns into a saline desert.

What to do thereGame viewing and game drives in the area nearby.

There are several waterholes nearby that animals drink from all year round.

Best time to visitAny time of the year, depending on your budget and what you want to see.

The months of December to March are the rainy seasons, with prices being more budget friendly. However, animal sightings are fewer than the rest of the year.

Location of Adamax Salt Pan Adamax pan is about 10km west of the larger Etosha pan, and a lot further south of the Natukanaoka pan.

There are other smaller pans in the area nearby.

How to get thereBy road, as the nearest airstrips are a bit further out.

Getting there requires a rather lengthy drive through the park's gravel roads, though it also offers the chance to see more wildlife and salt pans along the way.

It is about a 60km drive from Anderson's gate.

Transport options include private or rental vehicles, as well as self drive, bus and overland tours.

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