Bogenfels of Tsau Khaeb national park, with a person at the top <sup>1</sup>

Bogenfels of Tsau Khaeb national park, with a person at the top 1
A large natural arch on the coast of Tsau Khaeb national park, formed by the gradual erosion of rock.

Its name means 'Rock Arch' in German and has a height of about 55 m and width of 80 m — large enough to be seen from the sky as well as several kilometres away.

Composed of a mixture of hard dolomite and soft shale 2 and is part of a long stretch of rocky shoreline, with the Atlantic ocean taking up part of the space under it.

What to do thereSight seeing, hiking, swimming, rock climbing — climb to its top for amazing views of the ocean and surrounding desert, with some game viewing and game drives on the way there.

Or visit the ghost towns and abandoned mines nearby, best done with a guide.

Best time to visitAny time of the year.

Location of Bogenfels Where the Namib desert meets the Atlantic ocean, and on the western end of Tsau Khaeb national park.

It is also on the southwestern coast of Namibia.

How to get thereBy boat or vehicle, preferably a 4x4 — about 100 km south of Luderitz.

A permit may be needed to get here, and there is a tour company that operates trips to the area.

References1. By Ragnhild&Neil Crawford from Sweden - Bogenfels-0906, CC BY-SA 2.0,
2. - accessed on 12th December, 2019

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