Boma museum arts centre

    The Boma museum arts centre is a small compound next to the Natural history museum of Arusha that serves as a workshop as well as a gallery for some of the region's most talented local artists. It is open 24 hours a day and every day of the year, with most of the art on display being available for sale.

    Some of the arts on display include:
    • Paintings made using different techniques e.g. brushes, scraping e.t.c
    • Embroidery
    • Locally made drums
    • Sculptures, carvings and statues
    • Jewellery and ornaments
    • Designer clothes
    The centre also does provide short art lessons to anyone interested for a small fee. There are different programs for both children and adults with activities being various forms of painting, carving or common crafting and embroidery. The lessons usually lasts for about half a day or a full day depending on your enthusiasm.

    A history of the arts centreMost of the artists that you would find here were once street artists, where officials from the museum found them and offered them the chance to work next door. Starting with only just a few, the centre has now grown to include more than 12 artists, all of whom work and showcase their at the site. Each one of them produces a different form of art and even though majority make paintings, they use different techniques.

    What to do there?There is quite a lot of art on display that the centre is getting too small, most of which is high quality - so feel free to spend as long as you like looking at each one that catches your eye. Think of it as window shopping for art without the windows, or purchasing if you brought some moola.

    If you are lucky, then you may get to see one of the artists in action, effortlessly creating art in just a matter of minutes. Or make some art of your own in the centre's art classes.

    Other than that a visit to visit the museum next door might be good if you haven't done that already or Via via.

    Location of Boma museum arts centreThe arts centre is located right behind the Boma natural history museum that is at the end of Boma road of Arusha - Tanzania. There are about three entrances to the centre, one from the Via via restaurant, the other from the museum and another from the A.I.C.C. compound. The compound itself is a bit hidden away unless you actually know what where to find it or happen to wander enough around the Boma museum; However it still is well inside the CBD. For more information about its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?Using public transport, you would have to get into a minibus that passes through the clock tower area and get off at this stop. Exactly which bus to take would depend on which part of the city you are coming from (ask around). Once at the clock tower, head north, uphill along Boma road until you get to the end and the Boma Natural history museum. From here you can either go through the museum to the back end (may require entrance fee) or go through Via via (entrance to the right of the museum's entrance). For those using private transport, please use the map below.

    ReferencesInformation from a visit to the arts centre

    AbbreviationsCBD - Central Business District
    A.I.C.C. - Arusha International Conference Centre

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