Botanical garden

    The Dar es Salaam Botanical garden is an oasis of greenery that is located in Kivukoni area of Dar es Salaam - Tanzania. It is also the location of the local government offices, a small building that is specifically for the executive officer of the Kivukoni Ward. It has its own parking area that is situated on Garden avenue and right next to the Southern sun hotel's entrance or another one next to the ward offices.

    The gardens are one of the few places in Tanzania and East Africa in general where you may get to see the rare 'Coco de mer' tree outside its native Seychelles. It also is one of the most tranquil places in the city, with possible sightings of rare animals such as peacocks and hedgehogs.

    Best time to visitAnytime from June to August or the period that follows the rainy season as the gardens themselves are somewhat maintained, but watering is another issue, unless of course it is natural. In other words this period allows you to see the true beauty of the garden as the greenery that is brought on by the seasonal rains is far better than that done by artificial watering.

    Location of Botanical gardenThe Dar es Salaam Botanical gardens are located at the north eastern end of Samora avenue, of the city of Dar es Salaam - Tanzania. It is about 250 metres from the Indian ocean, with only the Ocean road hospital being between them. It also lies sandwiched between Garden avenue (north west), Shaaban robert street (south west) and right next to the Southern sun hotel and the National museum and house of culture. For more information on its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?The simplest direction possible would be to first find Samora avenue, a very long road that runs through almost the whole length of Dar es Salaam's CBD. From there head towards the ocean, the gardens are on the last plot on your left before the avenue's end. That is assuming you are in Dar es Salaam's CBD, if not then you can get there using any means of transport, including taxis, Uber and the BRT system.

    AbbreviationsBRT - Bus Rapid Transit
    CBD - Central Business District

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