Dune 7

Dune 7 of Dorob National Park, in the distance <sup>1</sup>

Dune 7 of Dorob National Park, in the distance 1
One of the Namib Desert's famous sand dunes, frequented by both travelers and locals.

It takes less than an hour to summit, and unlike others in the country such as Big Daddy Dune and Dune 45, its sand is not reddish-brown in colour.

We aren't sure why it's called Dune 7, perhaps because it is 7 kilometres from Walvis bay.

It is the southernmost of a long line of dunes that stretches all the way to the Kuiseb river in the north.

What to do thereClimb to the top for amazing panoramas of the surrounding Namib desert, the Atlantic ocean, and Walvis bay.

The area has plenty of shade from a number of palm trees, and there is a restaurant nearby that sells refreshments and food.

Or go quad biking along the Skeleton coast, with equipment available at the restaurant.

Also possible are picnics and sand boarding.

Best time to visitAny time of the year, though not in the Afternoon when temperatures may get high — especially during the summer.

Location of Dune 7 On the southern end of Dorob national park, well within the Namib desert.

It also is a few minutes worth of driving east of Walvis bay and the Atlantic ocean.

How to get thereBy vehicle, or air — as it is close to Walvis bay airport.

There is a train that passes through Walvis bay, but you may need other transportation methods from there.

Other transport options to Walvis bay include ships and buses.

References1. By Visem - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=79710673

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