Etosha lookout point

 Etosha lookout point, an SUV parked on it with the Etosha pan in the background<sup>1</sup>

Etosha lookout point, an SUV parked on it with the Etosha pan in the background1
One of the best viewpoints for the Etosha pan, located well inside it, offering good, panoramic views of the 'great white place' and a chance to drive onto it.

It is one of few places where one can alight from their vehicle as few to no animals venture out to it.

May become inaccessible during severe rainfall as the pan fills up with water. But for the rest of the year, it is a serene place.

What to do thereExperience the great expanse that is the Etosha Salt Pan — up close, with a chance to walk onto it.

Or do some game viewing, picnics, game drives — a pair of binoculars may come in handy.

Best time to visitDuring the dry seasons of April to November every year, as there is lower risk of the pan being filled with water.

Location of Etosha lookout pointIt sits on the southeastern end of the Etosha salt pan, about a 1km drive inside it.

It also is inside Etosha national park.

How to get thereBy road, as the nearest airstrip is a bit further out near the Halali camp.

Or drive there using a private or rental car, with the nearest entry points being at Anderson's and Von Lindequist gate.

There also are a number of companies offering self drive, overland and bus tour packages at affordable prices.

References1. By Martin Cígler, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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