Ghaub Cave

Ghaub Cave near Tsumeb, underwater view one of its submerged passages <sup>1</sup>

Ghaub Cave near Tsumeb, underwater view one of its submerged passages 1
The third longest cave system in Namibia, after Arnhem and Pofaddergat, with a network of passages over 2.5 km long up to 40 m below the ground.

It is made of limestone, with its name meaning 'fountain' in one of the local languages.

Some of it's deepest points are flooded with water, and although crystal clear — much of it remains unexplored.

It was first documented by Dr. Heinrich Fedder in 1914, and is said to be linked to Dragon's breath cave nearby through fissures and underground cave systems.

Along its extensive network are rock formations of different shapes and sizes, san paintings, steep drops and narrow passageways that require some crawling.

What to do thereCave explorations, sight seeing, cave diving — may need a guide or keys from Ghaub farm.

Best time to visitAny time of the year not in rainy season.

Location of Ghaub Cave On the Ghaub farm — in the Otavi mountains.

How to get thereBy vehicle.

References1. By National Heritage Council of Namibia -, CC BY 4.0,

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