Hanging place

    The hanging place of Bagamoyo used to be the location of a big tree where revolters against the 19th century German rule of the area and abolishment of slave trade were hanged, most of whom were supporters of the Abushiri Rebellion. The tree no longer exists, but in its place is a monument built in the 20th century by the government of Tanzania to demarcate its location.

    Most of these hangings were done around 1889 (end of the revolt), with most of its victims never being buried, but rather being disposed. Right next to the monument is a well that was built by philanthropist and businessman Sewa Haji Paroo in 1894, at a time when there was a shortage of water in Bagamoyo. This was one of the many that he built in the town, with an aim of making sure that the town's people had good access to water.

    What to do there?Not much, as all there is left is a monument, but the history is rather interesting which you should hear from your tour guide. The place also sits on the same plot as the remains of the failed Badeco beach resort, but that is just a couple of old buildings.

    Location of Hanging placeThe hanging place of Bagamoyo is located just about one hundred metres downhill from the Old fort, and a few metres from the Indian ocean. It is also within the Old town conservation area of Bagamoyo - Tanzania and well within walking distance of most of the town's hotels, the fish market, the old Boma and many more tourist attractions. For more information on its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?A few minutes walking time from anywhere in the town centre should get you there, just head towards the old fort, any local should be able to direct you to its location. From the old fort just head downhill towards the beach, the monument should be on your left just past what was the Badeco entrance gates.

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