Harasib cave

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Home to one of Namibia's underground lakes, about 85 m below ground — with clear cobalt blue waters that are usually still unless disturbed by visitors.

However, unlike its neighbours Ghaub and Dragon's breath, the entrance is much larger — allowing more sunlight inside and a thriving plant, animal and insect colony.

On one end is a small beach of sorts, probably the rocky remains of the collapsed roof that is now its entrance. This serves as the landing point for those brave enough to rappel down to these depths, with the path up using a cable/chain ladder.

There also are pipes running along its walls, used to pump water through a pump at the surface to farms nearby — an engineering feat considering how old they are.

At 1557 m.a.s.l., the lake is said to be deepest on the eastern end, with depths exceeding 90 m and it has a stretched out cone profile.

What to do thereCave explorations, cave diving, swimming, sight seeing.

Best time to visitAny time of the year not during the rains.

Location of Harasib caveIn northern Namibia, about halfway between Tsumeb and Grootfontein — near the Ghaub and Dragon's Breath Caves.

How to get there By vehicle, with the nearest airport and train station being at Grootfontein.

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