Kaole snake park

    The Kaole snake park is a serpentarium that is located adjacent to the Kaole ruins of Bagamoyo - Tanzania. It shares the same grounds with the snake park restaurant and bar and is open to all people on a daily basis for an entrance fee of 3000 TSHS for local and east african citizens and 5 USD for foreigners (about 11000 TSHS) (2017 prices). As an added extra the snake park has two camels that you could ride for an extra fee of 3000 TSHS.

    What to do there?This is the only place in the small town of Bagamoyo where you could get up close and personal to these reptiles as well as get a some info on their behaviour and habitation. Snakes are naturally good at hiding, so even in national parks you would be lucky to see one; So if you really would like to see one, then this is the place for you. Other than that you could also take a ride on the camels, even take a photo of yourself on one of them.

    The place also has a restaurant nearby that serves mostly the simple local dishes such as fries and rice at an affordable price (about 10000 TSHS). Be sure to check out the amazing views provided by its top floor.

    Location of Kaole snake parkThe Kaole Snake park is located adjacent to the Kaole ruins compound and on the outskirts of Bagamoyo town in Bagamoyo district of Tanzania. It is also just a few hundred metres from the Indian ocean coastline, which can be seen from the top deck of the nearby restaurant. For more information on its location please see the map below (click to start)

    How to get there?From Bagamoyo town centre, the snake park can be reached via a one way road heading south east and running for most of the part - close to the ocean. A short part of this road is tarmac paved with the rest of it being an all seasons dirt road that can be traversed by most kinds of cars. The same road also has a number of beach hotels, and restaurants, the Kaole Mamba ranch and a small village at the end all of which are are good spots if you are a tourist.

    The park is located just past the village, taking the left road at the fork after it. If you don't have a car, then you can either get a taxi or one of the many motorcycle taxis to the place.

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