Lake manyara viewpoint

    The only official view point for lake Manyara national park that is located outside it - nestled high above it on the rift valley wall, and on the road to Ngorongoro. It gives spectacular views of both lake Manyara and the national park that surrounds it from a higher vantage point - offering a chance to get a glimpse of its beauty without visiting it.

    Facilities at the site include toilets, and a viewing area with a guard rail that enables visitors to get right up to the edge of the cliff face without the dangers of falling.

    What to do there ?Get amazing views of lake Manyara national park from a distance. For a list of other attractions in the vicinity, see the section below after map or the attractions page.

    Best time to visit ?Any time of the year, during the day as it sits right next to a tarmac road.

    Location of Lake manyara viewpointLake Manyara viewpoint is located halfway along the climb of the rift valley wall from Mto wa Mbu. There is a small village about one kilometre north of it with a lot of souvenir shops. For more information on this location, please see the map below.

    How to get there ?Mostly by vehicle as it is too remote to get to by walking.

    There are passenger buses that ply the route, both big and small - with the larger ones coming from as far as Arusha and heading to Mwanza or Musoma via Ngorongoro. Where as the smaller minibuses take a much smaller route, from Mto wa Mbu to Karatu.

    The only caveat to this method being that you may have to wait before getting one out of there. Alternatively, you could use a private or rental vehicle, with most tours and travel companies only stopping here on request.

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