Leopard Cliffs Observation Point

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A cliff top area on the edge of Mbagathi river gorge, of southern Nairobi national park.

It has no facilities and is known for its views over the gorge and the other side.

Said to be a good spot for viewing wildlife such as leopards.

What to do there?Game viewing and bird watching..

Or visit other attractions in the area, a list of which can be found on our attractions page.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of Leopard Cliffs Observation Point Leopard cliffs observation point sits next to the Mbagathi river gorge, on the southern end of Nairobi national park.

How to get thereBy vehicle, about a half hour drive from nairobi national park's main gate.

Near the park are two airports one of them an international one, along with a regional railway and bus station.

Although the park can be reached by public transport, a vehicle is needed for entry.

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