Malindi Pier

Malindi pier, looking back at the coastline while standing over it<sup>1</sup>

Malindi pier, looking back at the coastline while standing over it1
A concrete bridge spanning deep into the waters of the Indian ocean, from the road's side.

It is about 400 metres from end to end, though only half of this length is over the water.

Accessible from both the road and the beach, though the latter may mean getting wet as the staircase sits in the water.

It offers bird's eye views of the ocean as well as Malindi's coastline without having to get into a boat.

What to do thereFishing, swimming, or just take a stroll over the ocean and surrounding beach.

It usually is a bit windy, with weekends and holidays having more people visit the area.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of Malindi Pier The pier sits off the coast of Malindi town, in south eastern Kenya.

How to get thereBy vehicle or walking — if within the city.

There is an all weather airport, about 5 kilometres away, in the town's outskirts.

Or take the scenic route from Mombasa using a bus, and see more of Kenya's coastal towns and country side.

It is about 110 km from Tsavo east's Sala gate, and about 120 km north of Mombasa by car.

References1. By ordercrazy - Own work, CC0,

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