Mbozi Meteorite


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    Mbozi meteorite is an ungrouped (not classified) iron ore meteorite found in Mbozi district of Tanzania. It measures about 3 metres long, 1 metre high and weighs approximately 16 metric tons, putting it in the top 10 of the world's largest meteorites. Believed to have fallen long ago, it only became known to outsiders in the 1930's, by then it had no crater[1].

    At the time of its discovery, part of the meteor was buried underground, requiring the government of Tanzania (then Tanganyika) to undertake various excavations to expose the remaining part, replacing it with a concrete base. Also a large compound around it has been dedicated to the meteor's site.

    Location of Mbozi Meteorite

    Mbozi meteorite is located at the top of a hill in rural Mbozi district, that is a few Kilometres south west of Mbeya city in Tanzania. It is also situated a distance away from the tarmac road that is the Mbeya - Tunduma highway, requiring a journey through several villages and dirt roads to get there.

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