Mughwango kopjes

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A large granite outcrop in Meru national park, seen from a distance as the only hill amidst expansive plains.

Also known as Elsa's Kopjes, which is the name of a safari lodge in the area.

Said to have been a playground for Elsa — the lioness, raised by George and Joy Adamson.

What to do thereClimb to the top of it for the amazing panoramic views of the surrounding lands including mount Kenya, and the park's own plains.

There is a marked path to the top, and the area near the kopjes is known to be frequented by elephants, buffalo, and giraffe .

Or visit other attractions in the park, a list of which can be found on our attractions page.

Best time to visitThe dry seasons of the year

Location of Mughwango kopjesMughwango kopje is situated at the heart of Meru national park, and near the Rojewero river

The whole area is also near the equator, with Murera gate being less than an hour's drive from here.

How to get thereBy vehicle or air, with an airstrip next to it.

Although 4x4s are not necessary, they are recommended — especially during the rainy seasons.

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