Musiara swamps

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Altitude: 1600 m.a.m.s.l.

A large marshy area near the early stages of the mara river, in the northern end of Masai Mara national reserve. It is a prominent spot for game drives in the area, due to the large number of resident animals which includes the musiara lion pride, leopards, large numbers of birds and elephants.

What to do there?Game drives, camping in nearby areas, birdwatching etc. For a list of other attractions in the area, please see the attractions page.

Best time to visitAnytime not in the rainy season of March to June, with the months of September and October bringing the migrating wildebeest and zebra herds to the area.

Location of Musiara swampsMusiara swamps are located near the eastern banks of the Mara river in its early stages, and near the northern border of Masai Mara national reserve.

For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get thereBy air or road, with the nearest option for the first being Musiara airstrip, though there are other airstrips in masai mara national reserve.

Or drive there using a private rental vehicle, with 4x4s being recommended, and some been available at the hotels, lodges and tented campsites in the area.

For more information on park fees and bookings, please see the Mara conservancy website.

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