Mzima springs

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An Oasis and the site of four natural springs that produce about 250 million litres of crystal clear water daily, most of which gush out from underneath volcanic rock.

It is located on the northwestern end of Tsavo west national park, with its water supporting several wildlife species, such as crocodile hippos and fish, in the pools nearby as well as theTsavo river tributary after it..

The source is a natural underground reservoir located beneath the Chyulu hills range, and it flows into one of the tributaries for the Tsavo river.

Some of the attractions you may find here include a hiking path alongside the ponds and springs, an underground glass windowed viewing room, several viewing platforms, all of which provide amazing views of the sites flora and fauna.

What to do there? Hiking, game viewing, bird watching, safari walks etc.

Or see the other attractions in Tsavo West national park, a list of which can be found on our attractions page.

Best time to visitAny time of the year, though the dry seasons bring more wildlife to the area and the wet seasons see an increase in the volume of water.

Location of Mzima springsMzima springs are located a short distance from the southern end of Chyulu hills range and near the northwestern border of Tsavo West national park.

For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get thereBy air or road.

There is an airstrip nearby but for the adventurous kind a safari drive through Tsavo West's dusty roads should get you there.

For more information on park fees and tarrifs, please see the KWS website

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