Ngare naironya springs

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A large pool of water that seeps from the nearby Lobo hills of north eastern Serengeti national park. It flows into a small stream that forms one of the tributaries for the Gaboti river.

What to do there?Sight seeing of the springs, along with game drives of it and nearby areas. For a list of other attractions in the area, please see the attractions page or the section below.

Best time to visit?Around October to November when the wildebeest and Zebra have immigrated into the area, though they would also be south of here until May, and west of here from June to July.

Location of Ngare naironya springsNgare Naironya springs are located a short distance south of Lobo hills, and near the north eastern border of Serengeti national park. They are part of the park and about 3 kilometres east of the village of Lobo.

For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get there?By air or by vehicle, with the nearest Lobo airstrip being a few minutes away. However; getting here by air would make for a short air safari with amazing views of the plains from above.

You still would need to arrange for transportation in Lobo.

From Seronera, the area is about a 2 hour drive away, and about the same from fort Ikoma gate. There is no preference for 4x4s, and both rentals and privately owned vehicles can be used.

For more information on park fees and tariffs, please see the TANAPA website.

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