Nyabogati hippo pool

    A small man made dam on the way to fort Ikoma from Seronera that is normally inhabited by a bloat of hippos. Part of the Nyabogati river, the dam itself is made from concrete, making it a bridge in the dry seasons that may overflow with river water when it rains.

    Its not that hard to spot, as it is the only pool on the road, with a notable greenish colour and a smell caused by hippo excrement. It has a viewpoint, with a turning point on the right hand side of the road after crossing the bride when heading to fort Ikoma, where one can better view the hippos from.

    What to do thereView hippos, though from the safety of your own car - as most of the sign posts there may warn. For many this may be a well deserved break after traversing the Serengeti roads as it is quite distant from the nearest towns - Lobo or Seronera.

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    Best time to visitAny time of the year, but the early months may enable you to see the wildebeest migration as well. You may also need a 4 x 4 if intending to explore the Serengeti plains extensively during the rainy season.

    Location of Nyabogati hippo poolThe hippo pool is located in the north western part of Serengeti national park, in northern Tanzania. It is also just a short distance from another one, located downstream on the same river - Retima hippo pool.

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    How to get there?By vehicle, as it quite distant from the nearest airstrips in Seronera, Ikoma and Lobo. It about an hour's drive from Seronera, using any type of vehicle that can handle the bumpy - Serengeti dirt roads.

    For information about park fees and permits, see the TANAPA website

    Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l. - metres above metric sea level

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