Observation Hill

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A cone shaped hill at the heart of Amboseli national park, with an observation platform at its top.

It is one of few high vantage points amidst the vast plains, and a place where visitors can alight from their vehicles.

From here, views of the swamps and lakes nearby can be seen, and on a clear day — mount Kilimanjaro .

What to do there?Short walking safaris to the top, picnics, bird and game watching, game drives in the area nearby.

Animals to see incude elephants, buffaloes, hippos and a variety of water fowls like pelican and Egyptian goose

Best time to visit?The dry seasons, when most roads in the parks are traversable and animals are closer to the swamps and lakes.

Location of Observation Hill Observation hill of Amboseli sits west of lake Leakey and a short distance south of lake Kioko. It also is close to its southern border.

How to get there?By road, driving from other areas of the park, gates or the Amboseli airstrip.

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