Sanje falls top viewpoint

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The top part of one of the Largest waterfalls in tanzania, located near the eastern border of Udzungwa mountains national park. A rock platform and a clearing amidst the rain forest, it offers birds eye views of the Kilombero plantations in the distance, the mountain's rain forest, as well as the falls from above — for those who like to live on the edge.

There are other falls in the park, though this one is easily accessible.

What to do there?Hike to it and enjoy the view from the top, then explore other attractions in the area, such as the plunge pool a few metres downstream and other falls higher up. There are campsites in the area — for those who would like to spend a night.

For a list of other attraction in the park, please see the attractions page.

Best time to visitAny time not in the rainy season of march to June every year.

Location of Sanje falls top viewpointThe viewpoint is located at the top of the main Sanje falls, just a short distance from the eastern base and border of the Udzungwa mountains national park. There are campsites in the area for accommodation, as well as hotels in the nearby town of Sanje.

For more information on its location, please see the map below.

How to get there?

By air, train or vehicle, with the first using a multitude of airports in the area — the nearest being the Kilombero airstrip, and the rest of the way being done using a prearranged vehicle.

There is a TAZARA train that passes near here going from Dar es salaam to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia. This is by far the most convenient and scenic way as it enables passengers to get a glimpse of Selous game reserve and other rural areas of Tanzania.

The town of Mikumi is about 4 hours from Dodoma or Dar es Salaam by large passenger bus, though you would have to take a smaller minibus from there to Sanje. Alternatively, you could use a private or rental vehicle.

ReferencesTAZARA - Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority

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