Sesriem Canyon

Sesriem Canyon of Namib Naukluft national park, a view from inside it <sup>1</sup>

Sesriem Canyon of Namib Naukluft national park, a view from inside it 1
A canyon carved by the river Tsauchab long ago, as it flowed over sedimentary rock.

It's name means 'six leather straps' in Afrikaans — a name coined by early settlers after they had to use them, tied together to make a rope long enough to lower a bucket into the canyon for water.

It is about 1.8 km in length, with a width that increases as the river flows downhill. In some places it is about 2 metres wide and as high as 30 metres, with its walls being the main attraction.

Although the river Tsauchab only flows after heavy rains, some places inside the canyon hold water for longer — a valuable water source for animals in this arid climate.

What to do thereHike and explore the canyon, sight seeing, rock climbing, picnics, camping nearby, game viewing, or go for a hot air balloon ride.

Best time to visitMornings or Evenings of any day of the year, when temperatures are low enough for hiking.

Location of Sesriem Canyon On the eastern border of Namib Naukluft national park, near the Naukluft mountain range.

The nearby settlement of Sesriem holds a campsite, restaurant, hotels, lodges, fillings station and shops.

How to get thereBy road or air.

It is about a 10 minute drive south of Sesriem gate and campsite and about an hours drive from Sossusvlei.

There also is Sesriem airstrip nearby, though you may need a vehicle from there onward.

References1. By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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