Turner's springs

 Turner's spring of Serengeti national park, a pride of lions resting under shade

Turner's spring of Serengeti national park, a pride of lions resting under shade
A collection of pools and streams in central Serengeti, that make up a one of the Ngare nanyuki river tributaries. They are named after Myles turner, who was chief warden of the park from 1956 to 1972.

It is one of the more popular destinations in the park due to its proximity to the bustling Seronera town.

What to do there?Game drives and animal viewing, anything from lions, leopards, hyenas etc. Or camping at one of the sites nearby. For a list of other attractions in the area, please see our attractions page.

Best time to visit?During the dry season, when water becomes scarce in other parts of the plains, turning the springs into one of few watering points. This would be any time not in the heavy rains season of March to June or the short rains of November to December.

Location of Turner's springsTurner's springs are located about 10 kilometres east of Seronera visitor's information centre. A short distance north is the Ngare Nanyuki river, and there are campsites in Seronera for accommodation.

For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get there?By air or by vehicle, with Seronera airstrip being 10 minutes away, though a prearranged vehicle would be required for movement from there.

The more scenic, land based route would require a minimum of two hours driving from the outer edges of the park to get here. Though it may take longer if intending to do some more sight seeing.

There is no preference for 4x4s, and both rentals and privately owned vehicles can be used. For more information on park fees and regulations, please see the TANAPA Website.

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