Zebra Rocks


    Altitude:4010 m.a.m.s.l.

    A set of large volcanic rocks on mt. Kilimanjaro, with a striped pattern that resembles that of a Zebra.

    Predominantly a lava cliff, they were formed when mineral rich rain water flowed down on the rocks, turning them partially white or black in some places.

    The rocks are used as a destination for an acclimatization hike.

    Climbers on the 6 day Marangu route are given the option of hiking to the rocks so as to acclimatize themselves to the high altitude, before coming back down to Horombo huts.

    Whereas those on a 5 day variation of the route continue on to Kibo huts on day 3.

    What to do thereHiking, picnics, or the usual photo sessions.

    Best time to visitThe months of July to February each year, when its warmer and less likely to rain — more hiking time.

    Location of Zebra Rocks

    Zebra rocks are about a half hour hike from Horombo huts, and along the route to Mawenzi campsite.

    The route to Kibo huts also runs nearby.

    Like Horombo huts, Zebra rocks are close to the border between the moorland and alpine desert regions of the mountain.

    The area does receive some rainfall and has a few small animals such as birds and rodents.

    How to get thereBy hiking only.
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