Attractions in Kenya

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in Tsavo west national park
Mzima Springs
An Oasis and the site of four natural springs that produce about 250 million litres of crystal clear water daily, most of which gu...
ol jorowa
in Hell's gate national park
Ol Jorowa gorge
One of the most popular sites in Hells gate national park, and a hiking destination. Known for its picturesque — vertical walls...
in Nairobi national park
Nairobi Safari Walk
A compound in Nairobi national park that harbours several animals, housed in enclosures that resemble their natural habitats. It o...
bomas of kenya
in Nairobi
Bomas Of Kenya
A compound in Nairobi that showcases the traditional houses and villages used by each of the 44 tribes of Kenya 1. Most of these a...
nairobi national
in Museum hill, Nairobi
Nairobi National museum
The flagship museum for the National Museums of Kenya, opened in September 1930 by the colonial government of that time. It showca...
in northern kenya, Turkana
lake Turkana
A salt water lake in north western Kenya...
in Marsabit
Desert museum
Altitude: 384 m.a.m.s.l. Showcases the unique heritage of 8 communities living around lake Turkana, namely the El Molo, Turkana, P...
fort jesus
in makadara, Mombasa
Fort Jesus museum
One of East Africa's historical landmarks, built in 1593 by The Portuguese, high on a coral ridge with a good view of the ent...
in Trans nzoia
Kitale museum
The first of the Inland museums to be developed in Kenya. Originally known as the Stoneham Museum, privately owned by Lieutenant c...
in Kasigau, Taita-taveta
mount Kasigau
Altitude 1641 m.a.m.s.l. A steep sided mountain in southern Kenya near the border with Tanzania. It along with two others named D...
in Tsavo west national patk
Shetani Lava Flows
The remains of a volcanic lava flow that originated from one of the hills in the chyulu hills range. Located on the northwestern e...
in Masai mara national reserve
Musiara Swamps
Altitude: 1600 m.a.m.s.l. A large marshy area near the early stages of the mara river, in the northern end of Masai Mara national ...
in rift valley, Nakuru
Menengai crater
Altitude: 2278 m.a.m.s.l. (highest) Said to be the second largest volcanic caldera in Africa with a diameter of 12 km. It is locat...
in rift valley, Lake nakuru national park
lake Nakuru
One of the soda lakes inside the great rift valley, around which lies lake Nakuru national park. The lake is home to both lesser a...
lake nakuru main
in rift valley, Lake nakuru national park
Lake Nakuru Main gate
The main entrance point to lake Nakuru national park and also where the KWS headquaters for the park are. What to do thereAcquisit...
in rift valley, Lake nakuru national park
Makalia waterfall
A waterfall on the southern end of lake Nakuru national park, along one of the rivers that flow into the lake. It has a drop of ab...
in rift valley, Lake nakuru national park
Makalia campsite
A public campsite on the southern end of lake Nakuru national park, next to one of the rivers that flow into the lake. It is also ...
in Hell's gate national park
Elsa gate
The main entrance/exit point for Hell's gate national park, situated on its northeastern border. It has an ample parking area...
fischer's tower
in Hell's gate national park
Fischer's Tower
A volcanic plug near the northeastern border of Hell's gate national park, with a height of approximately 25 meters. It was n...
in Hell's gate national park
Naiburta campsite
A public campsite inside Hell's gate national park, with facilities such as toilets, shelters where you could cook and eat, p...
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