Attractions in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

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Kaole ruins
kaole ruins
in bagamoyo,
The kaole ruins is a site that holds the remains of the first settlement of the arab foreigners in Bagamoyo as well as an archaeol...
Old boma of bagamoyo
old boma of bagamoyo
in bagamoyo,
The Old Boma of Bagamoyo is one of the many historical buildings that are within the old town conservation area of Bagamoyo. It us...
Liku house tourist site
liku house
in bagamoyo,
The Liku house of Bagamoyo, is one of its many historic landmarks that is located on India street and inside the old town heritage...
Old customs house
old customs house
in bagamoyo,
The Old customs house of Bagamoyo is one of the many historical buildings that are located inside the Old town conservation area o...
Kaole mamba ranch
kaole mamba ranch
in bagamoyo,
The Kaole Mamba ranch is a privately owned zoo for crocodiles that is located on the outskirts of the town of Bagamoyo - Tanzania....
Old fort bagamoyo
old fort bagamoyo
in bagamoyo,
The old fort of Bagamoyo is the oldest of the many historical buildings that is located in the Old town section of the town of Bag...
Livingstone tower tourist site
livingstone tower
in bagamoyo,
The Livingstone tower of Bagamoyo is a two storey high, 2 x 2 m (approx) building that is named after the great Scottish explorer ...
Holy ghost mission second church
holy ghost mission second church
in bagamoyo,
One Location of Holy ghost mission second church...
Kaole snake park
kaole snake park
in bagamoyo,
The Kaole snake park is a serpentarium that is located adjacent to the Kaole ruins of Bagamoyo - Tanzania. It shares the same grou...
Hanging place
hanging place
in bagamoyo,
The hanging place of Bagamoyo used to be the location of a big tree where revolters against the 19th century German rule of the ar...
Dhow harbour
dhow harbour
in bagamoyo,
The Dhow harbour of Bagamoyo is where many of the town's fishermen anchor their boats and it is located on the coastline that is n...
Catholic (bagamoyo) museum
catholic (bagamoyo)
in bagamoyo,
The Catholic museum of Bagamoyo is a historic landmark of the town that belongs to the catholic church and is located at the end o...
Holy ghost fathers house
holy ghost fathers house
in bagamoyo,
The Holy ghost mission fathers' house is one of the many landmarks in the town of Bagamoyo - Tanzania that are of historic value. ...
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