Attractions in Nairobi national park, Kenya

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in Nairobi national park
Nairobi Safari Walk
A compound in Nairobi national park that harbours several animals, housed in enclosures that resemble their natural habitats. It o...
nairobi main
in Nairobi national park
Nairobi Main gate
Nairobi national park's most used entrance/exit, situated among dense urban forests on it's north western end. What to d...
in Nairobi national park
Impala Observation Point
One of Nairobi national park's picnic sites and observation points, situated high on a hill and minutes away from the main ga...
ivory burning site
in Nairobi national park
Ivory Burning Site
A historic location where 12 tonnes of ivory were burnt by former Kenyan president Daniel Arap Moi, in 1989. Most of it was inter...
in Nairobi national park
Kingfisher Picnic Site
A riverside area in Nairobi national park that serves as a picnic site, with a lawn that turns green in the rainy season. It has a...
in Nairobi national park
Nairobi Animal Orphanage
An enclosure in Nairobi national park that shelters a number of orphaned, abandoned or wounded animals. Most of them are from othe...
in Nairobi national park
Hippo Pools Nature Trail
A short self-guided nature trail in Nairobi national park, that starts from a picnic area, following the Athi river banks. The rou...
in Nairobi national park
Mokoiyet Picnic Site
A large cliff top field next to the Mbagathi river gorge of Nairobi national park. It serves as a breezy picnic site, with tables ...
in Nairobi national park
Leopard Cliffs Observation Point
A cliff top area on the edge of Mbagathi river gorge, of southern Nairobi national park. It has no facilities and is known for its...
in Nairobi national park
Twiga campsite
A public campsite in Nairobi national park, with modern facilities such as hot water showers, electricity and a modern kitchen are...
sheldrick's elephant and rhino nursery
in Nairobi national park
Sheldrick's Elephant And Rhino Nursery
A rehabilitation centre and nursery for elephants and rhinos run by the Sheldrick wildlife trust. Here you may find Elephants and ...
in Nairobi national park
Maasai gate
One of Nairobi national park's entrance/exit points, situated in the plains on it's south western end. What to do there?...
in Nairobi national park
East gate
One of Nairobi national park's lesser used entrance/exit gates, situated on the north eastern end. What to do there?Anything ...
in Nairobi national park
Langata gate
One of Nairobi national park's entrance/exit gates, lesser used when compared to the main gate. What to do there?Anything to ...
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