Coco beach

    Coco beach is a stretch of coastline that is located in the Oyster bay area of Dar es Salaam - Tanzania. It is one of the more famous beaches in the city that is frequented by locals and even hosting several holiday beach parties and festivals. Due to this, there are several establishments on the beach, such as restaurants, food stands and shops renting beach equipment such as floaters.

    There also are several municipal structures such as toilets and bathrooms (for pay), and a secure parking space. The downside to its fame is that it is not particularly the cleanest or the safest of beaches and as of late (early 2017), there are no lifeguards, police or dust bins. Although some effort is being made to regularly clean it up, there still remains some litter scattered here and there.

    Coco beach is also a favourite spot for joggers, many of whom come from nearby areas and can be seen in larger numbers in the evening. There is only one big and well established restaurant at the northern end, the rest being the smaller under a tarp kind but with good food.

    You can also find boats that provide transport to nearby Bongoyo or Mbudya Islands, most of which leave in the morning and return later on the same day. The municipality charges a small amount for every car parked there, but one ticket would give you a full day's worth of parking on this or nearby beaches and the sea cliff village parking.

    Best time to visitCoco beach is usually packed during public holidays such as Eid al fitr, christmas and new year (1st of January), making this one of the worst time to visit unless of course if you are looking for that kind of thing. Other than that, it can be visited at any time and day of the week. It generally is a lot quieter in the mornings of the week days and a lot less so during the evenings of a weekend.

    What to do there?Eat at the restaurants, swim, jog, sit or walk on the beach, or take a boat trip out to Bongoyo island and back. On special concert days you can even party here just mind your own security in whatever you do.

    Location of Coco beachCoco beach is located along Toure drive and in the tranquil neighbourhood of Oyster bay - Dar es Salaam. It is rather a large stretch of coastline, spanning more than 4 kilometres from end to end, with a rock cliff bordering each end. Just like most beaches in the region, there is a dead barrier reef that separates the shore from the rest of the ocean. For more information on its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?There is public transport (dala dala) that pass close by but not next to the beach. These are the red and purple striped masaki ones, from there you should be able to walk for a few minutes to get to the beach; However, if you are using your own transport then it is best that you use the map below.

    AbbreviationsBRT - Bus Rapid Transit
    CBD - Central Business District

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