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    Via via Arusha is a lively cultural cafe, a restaurant and bar as well as a popular meeting spot that is located in the CBD of the city of Arusha - Tanzania. It is part of a global chain of meeting spots for travellers and locals, five of which are located in Africa (2 in east Africa), the rest being spread out over Europe and the Americas.

    What to do there?Entrance is free unless if there is an event taking place and there are several events held on each day of the week, with the exception of mondays. At the time of writing (2017) tuesdays are movie nights with other variable events taking place from thursdays through to sunday. Most events take place from 8pm and usually require an entrance fee of about Tshs 10,000.

    During day time, the place does also double as a restaurant and bar, turning into an outdoor night club during the nights. Just remember to take some warm clothes with you as it may get a bit chilly.

    Location of Via via cafeVia via is located right next to and east of the boma museum of natural history at the end of Boma road of Arusha city. It also in the riparian zone of the Themi river, that flow from the slopes of mount Meru, through the city and out through its southern suburbs; Thus giving putting it right at the heart of an evergreen garden.

    The Cafe is within walking distance of several shops, hotels, tours and travel offices and several tourist hotspots. For more information about its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?From anywhere in the city of Arusha, first head out to the clock tower monument, and from there head north and uphill along Boma road. The entrance to via via is a small path located next to that of the museum. If using public transport, then you would have to ask around for those that go through the clock tower area, and get off at the clock tower stop.

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