Barafu hut campsite

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Altitude: 4645 m.a.m.s.l.

An overnight resting point located on the south-eastern base of Kibo — one of mount Kilimanjaro's three peaks.

It also is one of the last camps encountered before reaching the summit of the mountain, others being kibo huts, arrow glacier camp and school huts.

Barafu hut campsite lacks any form of cabins for accommodation, requiring all climbers to have their own tents for sleeping in.

However, there is a rangers hut, perched near the end of the ridge, with views far off into the horizon, of all the approaching hikers.

The camp also has a large campsite area for climbers, but due to the large numbers of rocks and toilets at the site, good spots are hard to find when there are large numbers of people present.

Toilets at the camp are provided in the form of pit latrines, some of which are located close to the edge of the ridge.

What to do thereCamping, photos, trekking — as you prepare for the final hike to the summit that usually starts at midnight.

Best time to visitThe warmer times of the year, usually July to February.

Location of Barafu hut campsiteBarafu hut is located on top of a ridge and at the south eastern base of Kibo — mount Kilimanjaro.

Despite there being ice near the campsite, water at the camp is scarce and is normally limited to what porters carry, usually cooking or drinking water.

The campsite is also in the alpine desert region, an area with no vegetation or animals, no rainfall and an occasional snow fall.

Its position on top of a ridge puts it in the way of high winds and low temperatures, with very low humidity.

Most of the ground here is filled with rocks, volcanic soils and little scree.

How to get thereBy hiking or cycling, from anywhere on the mountain, though summiting can only be done on foot.

Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l - metres above metric sea level

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