Golo 1 campsite

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A special campsite on the eastern end of Meru national park, with a similar campsite nearby called Golo 2.

It has no facilities and may require pre-booking before use.

What to do thereCamping, game viewing, bird watching, picnics.

Best time to visitThe dry seasons of July to October every year

Location of Golo 1 campsite Golo 1 campsite is next to the Murera river, with Bisanadi national reserve being on the opposite side.

It also is on the eastern end of Meru national park, just a little over 2 km upstream from Golo 2 campsite.

The equator runs through the same park, just a few kilometres south of here.

How to get thereBy vehicle, as the nearest airstrip is further, out near the park HQ.

The nearest entry point is Murera gate — about 350 km north east of Nairobi, using the highway through Embu, Meru and Maua.

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