Horombo huts campsite

    Altitude: 3720 m.a.m.s.l.

    An accommodation camp along the Marangu route of mt. Kilimanjaro — one of the largest on the mountain, with both cabin accommodation and a separate area for pitching tents.

    It is the second campsite from the start of the route or Marangu gate, and is normally used by hikers on the Marangu route during both ascent and descent.

    It is also used by descending climbers on the Rongai route.

    There is a good supply of water at Horombo huts from a nearby stream, thus making it one of the few camps on the mountain with W.Cs and bathroom wash sinks.

    Its cabins are wooden A shaped huts that are capable of housing 6 to 8 people each and although no self contained rooms are available, the cabins are capable of holding up to 120 climbers.

    Horombo huts also has a ranger's hut/office, a mess hall, a kitchen hut, and separate housing for the porters and guides.

    Location of Horombo huts campsiteHorombo huts campsite sits on the south eastern part of mount Kilmanjaro, atop one of Mawenzi's ridges.

    It also is near the edge of the moorland region of the mountain and start of the alpine desert.

    Any wet clothes would have a hard time drying here due to the high humidity and rainfall.

    Most of the time, the ground and rocks in the area are slippery.

    Not so far from here are the Zebra rocks, usually visited as an acclimatization trek for those on the Marangu route.

    Most climbers would start to experience altitude sickness at this campsite — a good reason for an acclimatization trek.

    The campsite's location on sloping ground, shields it from the high winds that are normally present at this altitude.

    The previous campsite from this is Mandara huts whereas the next is Kibo huts

    How to get thereBy hiking or cycling.

    Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l - metres above metric sea level

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