Kibo crater campsite

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Altitude: 5730 m.a.m.s.l

An overnight resting point or campsite, located on top of the Kibo — one of the three peaks of mt. Kilimanjaro.

It lies close to the summit and serves as a resting point for those summitting using the Western breach route, or those who choose to spend a night on top of Africa's highest mountain.

There are completely no built structures at the campsite, not even toilets as building anything at that altitude would be a challenge.

This means no tents and almost certainly no water.

Most tour companies would charge extra for use of this camp as more effort and manpower is required to haul equipment up a steep, scree filled slope to that height.

However, Kibo crater camp provides an experience unlike no other — a chance to explore the vast, unique plateau that is at the top of Africa's highest mountain.

What to do thereHike and explore Kibo's plateau, Climb glaciers, photo opportunities, rock climbing.

Best time to visitThe warmer periods of the year, usually July to February.

Location of Kibo crater campsiteKibo crater campsite is located on top of Kibo, mount Kilimanjaro's highest feature.

Named because of its location near the crater, the campsite is within walking distance of most of the mountain's glaciers, making it suitable for those who would like to explore, study, or even climb them.

However, special permission would be required for some activity.

At 5730 m, the camp's altitude is significantly closer to that of the peak (5875 m), and well within the summit zone of the mountain, which is basically a desert with snow and ice.

Nothing grows here and there are almost no animals, with the ground soil being mostly scree, volcanic ash and rocks.

The temperature and pressure is also very low, making this a dangerous place for anyone with altitude sickness.

The crater campsite can be reached through any of the 7 Kilimanjaro routes.

Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l - metres above metric sea level

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