Mandara Huts campsite


Altitude: 2720 m.a.m.s.l.

The Mandara huts campsite is an area on mt. Kilimanjaro that provides overnight accommodation for climbers on the Marangu route. It is also the first campsite encountered along the route and also one of the few that has cabin accommodation in the form of wooden - A shaped huts that are capable of housing 6 to 8 people each to give a total capacity of about 60 climbers. It also has a mess hall where meals are taken and a ranger's/administration office where all people arriving or leaving the camps are required to register.

Mandara huts campsite also has a separate house for porters and guides. There are no bathroom en-suite rooms are available, the toilets at the campsite are shared, W.C.s located at the middle of the camp, some of the few available on the whole mountain (others being pit latrines). The camp is exclusively used by ascending climbers on the Marangu route, as most descending climbers opt to pass through the camp and continue to the park gates/exit.

As the Marangu route is a no tents required route, the campsite lack sufficient space to pitch tents and despite the presence of the mess hall, most of the meals taken at the campsite have to be carried up the mountain and prepared by porters. The campsite also has a steady supply of water that is supplied by one of the streams on the mountain.

Location of Mandara Huts campsite

Mandara huts is located inside the rain forest region of the mountain, surrounded by huge trees and the never ending chatter of animals. However after a walk of about 1km up the mountain (heading to Horombo huts) the edge of the rain forest reveals itself as the heather region begins. Also about 1km up the mountain is Maundi crater, that offers a good view of the mountain peak and the rain forest below. This would be a good place to go on the day you arrive at the campsite (first day of the climb), that is if you arrive early.

The campsite's location is also on the southern side of the mountain, about a 3 hours walk from the entrance and in an area that is not as cold as the rest of the mountain. In fact most of the people there wear light clothing as the place is shielded from the winds by the rain forest. However, there is plenty of rainfall and the pathways around the area are almost always wet and slightly slippery with humidity levels being normal. The next campsite after this is Horombo huts where the entry gate (previous) is called Marangu gate.

Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l - metres above metric sea level
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