Moirs hut campsite

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Altitude: 4160 mamsl

Moir's hut camp is an overnight resting point near the Moir's hut of mount Kilimanjaro, an old wooden hut. It is exclusively used by hikers on the northern circuit route as it is well off the path of other routes. Accommodation at Moir's hut campsite is mainly in the form of tents, with toilets being pit latrines.

Location of Moirs hut campsiteMoir's hut campsite is located next to a volcanic ridge and to the west of it. It is also on the north western side of Kibo, one of the three volcanic peaks of mount Kilimanjaro. The campsite sits along the boundary between the high moorland and alpine desert regions of the mountain, with little scattered vegetation and little to no rainfall. For those on the northern circuit route, the next campsite after this is usually either Pofu or buffalo.

Abbreviationsmamsl - metres above metric sea level

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