Mti Mkubwa campsite


Altitude: 2780 m.a.m.s.l.

Mti mkubwa campsite is is an overnight camping or resting point that is located along the Lemosho hiking trail of mount Kilimanjaro. It's name comes from the Swahili, the local language's word for "big tree", a name given because of its location in the rain forest and all the big trees around it. It is the first campsite encountered after entering the park, and is normally reached on the first day of the climb. Mti mkubwa campsite is exclusively used by hikers on the Lemosho route heading towards the summit, as the route's descent uses different campsites.

Mti Mkubwa is a tents only campsite, i.e. there are no built accommodation structures and all persons intending to use the campsite have to bring their own tents. There is however, a hut for the campsite's resident park ranger and the all toilets at the campsite are long drop, pit latrines.

Location of Mti Mkubwa campsite

Mti Mkubwa campsite lies next to a valley and dead in the middle of the rain forest region of mt. Kilimanjaro, a short distance from the Londorosi gate. In fact the hike from the start of the trail to the campsite usually takes less than three hours and the campsite really is more of a small clearing among huge trees that was made by cutting down some of them, leaving behind a few more for shade and cover from the elements. The campsite is also located on the north western side of the mountain and is relatively small in size due to the lower traffic of the Lemosho route when compared to others like the Marangu route. There almost always are no high winds at the site, probably due to the trees around, however there are frequent showers.

Abbreviations m.a.m.s.l. - metres above mean sea level
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