Namutoni campsite

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A camping area inside Etosha national park's Namutoni camp.

Inside are several camping spots, each with its own outdoor dining table, chairs and fire place. However, the toilets, bathrooms and kitchen area are shared, with a good supply of hot and cold water.

Also in the same compound are a swimming pool, fuel station, hotel and chalet rooms, a bar, two restaurants and the Fort Namutoni.

Just outside the compound's fence is King Nehale waterhole — the largest in the park, with a shaded viewpoint next to it.

What to do thereCamping, campfires, swimming, braai or barbecues, picnics, game viewing at the nearby waterhole, game drives and bird watching nearby.

Best time to visitDuring winter and spring seasons, when more animals visit the waterholes nearby, though prices may be slightly higher.

Location of Namutoni campsiteThe campsite is on the northern end of Namutoni camp, and less than a 10 minute drive from Von Lindequist gate.

It also is on the eastern end of Etosha national park, near both Fischer's and Etosha Salt Pans.

How to get thereBy air or road.

There is an airstrip next to it, that also gives an aerial view of the Etosha pan, before landing or after takeoff.

Or use a vehicle — whether rental or private as well as self drive and overland tours. There is a tarmac road right up to it, from Von Lindequist gate.

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