Ndutu special (1) campsite

    One of several special campsites on the south western shores of lake Ndutu. It bears no facilities and is occasionally used by one of the many tented camp companies that follow the wildebeest migration.

    What to do there?Spend a night under the stars and sounds of nature, that may include the king of the jungle's roar. This is still a wild patch of the park so you may need a ranger to accompany you for the night as it is normal for the animals to wander into the camp.

    On the good side however, it is possible to see animals from here, most of whom would either be drinking from the lake or hunting near it. For a list of attractions in the area, please see the section below after the map or the attractions page.

    Best time to visit?During the end of the year, when it is both dry and the wildebeest immigrate into the area for calving. Some of the roads may become impassable during the rainy season.

    Location of Ndutu special (1) campsiteThis Ndutu special campsite is located on the shores of a small branch of lake Ndutu, on its south western side. It is a short distance from the main lake - with the closer spots normally being taken by tented migration camps. But it is close enough to see big game animals.

    It also is on the western border of Ngorongoro conservation area, where it meets the Serengeti national park. For more information on this location, please see the map below.

    How to get there?Getting there by air would require you to prearrange for transport, whether from a tours and travel company or one of the lodges and migration camps in the area. There is an airstrip within walking distance of the campsite.

    Alternatively, you could also use a private, rental or tours and travel vehicle to get there from anywhere within the conservation area, and even nearby cities.

    For more information on park fees and tariffs, please see the NCAA website, and if going there by a private car, fees paid include vehicle entry fee, camping/accommodation fees and conservation fees.

    AbbreviationsNCAA - Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority

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