Ndutu special (2) campsite

 Ndutu special (2) campsite, in use by a tented migration camp

Ndutu special (2) campsite, in use by a tented migration camp
One of several special campsites that are located on the south western shores of lake Ndutu of Ngorongoro conservation area. It serves as an accommodation point, that is at times used as a tented migration camp, during which the available facilities are like those in most lodges.

What to do there?Spend a night in the African bushes, far from any type of civilization and a lot closer to the sounds of big game animals such as lions, hyenas and Zebra.

For a list of other attractions in the area, please see the section below after map or the attractions page.Best time to visit?The last months of the year, when the wildebeest have immigrated into the area for calving, and the roads are dry enough to enable you to roam the plains unhindered. Although there are some wildebeest and zebra that do remain in the area all year round, these are much harder to find.

Location of Ndutu special (2) campsiteThis Special campsite of lake Ndutu is located on the shores of a small river delta and about 100 m southwest of the lake itself. It also sits near the south western border of Ngorongoro conservation area, with the lake being inside Serengeti national park.

For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get there?By air, you would have to land at the nearby lake Ndutu airstrip, then walk a short distance to the location (ranger needed) or use a prearranged tours vehicle.

Alternatively, you could either use a private, rental or tours and travel vehicle to get there from anywhere within Ngorongoro or Serengeti and even nearby cities. It takes about a two hour drive to get there from Loduare gate and about the same from Ndabaka gate.

For more information on park fees and tariffs, please see the NCAA website, and if going there by a private car, fees paid include vehicle entry fee, camping/accommodation fees and conservation fees.

AbbreviationsNCAA - Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority

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