Nyani campsite

    Altitude:1500 m.a.m.s.l.

    One of the most frequented public campsites in the Seronera area, located a few kilometres east of the tourist information centre. Although most of the campsites in the area are similar, it is one of few that are on level ground and well sheltered from winds, meaning less cold nights.

    It is a tents only camp with the only facilities provided being separate kitchen and dining areas, a water supply, along with modern toilets and bathrooms - with a separate side for men and women.

    The kitchen operates on a self-catering basis.

    What to do there?Spend a night, with the possibility of seeing some animals up close such as buffalo, zebra, hyenas and Thompson’s gazelles.

    Best time to visit?Anytime of the year, though being here during the wildebeest migration or the dry seasons of July to December would be even better.

    Location of Nyani campsiteNyani campsite is located at the heart of the Serengeti national park in northern Tanzania. It is also on a slightly higher but level ground than the rest of the plains. For more information on its location please see the map below.

    How to get there?By vehicle, about a 5 mins drive from the Seronera tourist information centre, and about an hour and a half from both Naabi hill, and Ndabaka gate. You could use a private, rental, or tours and travel vehicle with no preference of 4 x 4's unless when going on a game drive on the plains.

    For information on the required fees please see the TANAPA website.

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