Oldubai campsite

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One of the public campsites on the eastern end of Hell's gate national park.

Its facilities include toilets and bathrooms, shelters where you could cook and eat, picnic benches, bathrooms, a fireplace and running water.

Termed 'public' because no booking is required prior to use, and can be shared by more than one group or person at the same time.

What to do there?Camping, campfires, hiking, picnics, game viewing and bird watching from its comfort, biking, game drives and horse riding.

Rock climbing is also possible in other parts of the park.

Best time to visit?The dry season of July to November or January to March every year.

Location of Oldubai campsiteOldubai campsite sits in the eastern highlands of Hell's gate national park, across the valley from Naiburta campsite.

How to get thereBy vehicle, hiking, horse riding or biking — a few minutes south of Elsa gate by car.

You can also get here by air, though the nearest airstrip is about a half hour drive away — in Naivasha town.

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