Oloololo campsite

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Altitude: 1630 m.a.m.s.l.

A public campsite on the northwestern border of Masai Mara national reserve, an area known to have a high density of herbivores. It has facilities such as toilets, and bathrooms with a good supply of water.

No prior bookings is required, and accommodation is provided on a first come - first serve basis, with campers having to bring their own tents, food and equipment.

What to do there?Spend a night camping under the stars, with amazing views of the plains nearby and the possibility of seeing wildlife that venture near or into the camp.

Or visit other attractions in the park, a list of which can be found on our attractions page.

Best time to visitAugust to October, when the large Wildebeest and Zebra herds have immigrated into the area.

Location of Oloololo campsite Oloololo campsite is located next to Oloololo gate, on the north western end of Masai Mara national reserve. Nearby is a small stream that feeds one of the tributaries of the Mara river, and the walls of the rift valley known as the Oloololo escarpment can be seen from here.

For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get there?By air or road, with several airstrips in the area nearby, and daily sceduled flights available from most parts of the country.

Or take the scenic route and drive there through Kenya's countryside. For more information on park fees and bookings, please see the Mara conservancy website.

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