Public campsite number 2 (arusha) campsite

    Altitude:1650 m.a.m.s.l.

    One of three campsites inside Arusha national park that are accessible to the public - even those not climbing the mountain. It is termed 'public' because it can be shared if there is more than one visitor using it on the same day, contrary to private campsites in the park which are used exclusively for as long as the visitor or group of visitors is using it.

    It has no built accommodation, meaning all its inhabitants need to bring their own tents; However, there is running cold water available, along with several modern facilities such as flushing toilets, a shower (cold water) and modern wash basins - all housed inside a small brick building.

    Another separate building houses the campsite kitchen, with two modern kitchen sinks and concrete counters. The only thing that campsite lacks is electricity or modern lighting.

    Animals that may be seen at the campsite include dik diks, birds, monkeys along with the occasional herd of buffaloes (rare). Most of them are quite shy and can only be seen if you really are looking for them. Despite this, an armed ranger is provided during the nights for security reasons.

    The nights can be rather chilly when compared to other parts of the city, so remember to bring warm clothes. Also remember to keep the food safe at all times as it may be the source of unwanted attention from the animals, who usually move in closer whenever you are cooking.

    At the time of writing (2017), it costs about TSHS 5000 for East Africans to use the campsite and USD 30 for other nationals. Depending on where you are coming from, and how you get there, you may have to pay other fees such as park entrance fees (TSHS 10,000 or USD 45) and a vehicle entrance fee. More information on the fees can be found at the TANAPA website or at any TANAPA offices.

    Normally, you would be required to first report at the momella gate, where you will receive keys for the camp's facilities along with other information or safety tips.

    Location of Public campsite number 2 (arusha) campsiteThe campsite is located on the eastern slopes of mount Meru and just a few kilometres north of the city of Arusha, and well inside Arusha national park. About two hundred metres away is the campsite number one (also public) with about the same facilities as this one but slightly larger, and another - the public campsite number three about a kilometre south of it.

    Its location also puts it in the rainforest zone of the mountain, with the whole campsite being a small clearing with tall trees and thick undergrowth all around it. There is a hill south of it that although fully covered in greenery, turns gold at dawn.

    From the campsite you could either visit the waterfalls, take a walking safari or visit the rest of Arusha national park, including climbing mount Meru.ReferencesInformation from an actual visit to the campsite

    Abbreviations1. TANAPA - Tanzania National Parks
    2. m.a.m.s.l. - metres above metric sea level

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