Public campsite number 3 (arusha) campsite

    Altitude:1675 m.a.m.s.l.

    One of the public campsites that are located inside the Arusha national park that is open to all - even those not climbing the mountain. It is a tents only campsite, meaning everyone intending to use it must have their own tents, but there are facilities provided in the form of modern toilets, a kitchen and two concrete dining benches.

    The toilets are housed inside a separate brick building, with separate sides for men and women - each with modern W.C's, a cold water shower, modern wash basins and a good supply of cold water from higher up the mountain. The kitchen is also housed in a separate brick building, with limited facilities in the form of two kitchen sinks and a concrete counter.

    For safety reasons, an armed ranger is provided during the nights and you normally have to report to the Momela gate before using the campsite, where they would give you a key for the camp's facilities along with any other information that might be deemed necessary.

    What to do there?Camp next to a river, hike and explore the surrounding national park and its attractions. This is the only campsite that is located close to a river valley, thus giving a unique ambience. If feeling up to it, you could hike or drive to Maio waterfalls and the fig tree arch, or even the Momela lakes.

    If hiking, then it's best to ask for an armed ranger, from Momela gate.

    Best time to visit?Any time except for the rainy season of march to July - unless you'd like to spend some time soaked up. A day with clear skies would enable you to get magnificent views of the mountain and Kilimanjaro, along with the rest of the park from higher altitudes.

    Location of Public campsite number 3 (arusha) campsiteThe campsite is located deep within the montane forest of Arusha national park and on the slopes of mount Meru - Tanzania. It is a bit further into the forest when compared to the first and second public campsites, normally passing them on the way there.

    There is a river valley passing just south of the campsite, with the sound of its gushing water being audible at all times from the camp's kitchen or benches - loud enough to drown most animal sounds. This is the same river that passes near the Momela gate (west of it). For more information on its location, please see the map below (click to start)

    How to get there?By driving (recommended) or hiking, with the latter normally requiring an armed ranger from Momela gate. The road to the campsite starts at a turning point about 200 metres south of Momela gate, with a gentle incline up a well maintained dirt road, past a signpost for the second public campsite - until finally reaching a signpost for this campsite on the left hand side of the road.

    In either method of getting there, you would be required to first pay for the campsite and any other fees at the first point of entrance. At the time of writing (2017), this is a camping fee of TSHS 5000 for east African citizens and USD 30 for other nationals, along with a conservation fee of TSHS 10,000 or USD 45 and a possible vehicle entrance permit. For more information on the fees, please see the TANAPA website

    Alternatively, you could use a tours and travel company to get you there.

    ReferencesInformation from an actual visit to the campsite

    Abbreviations1. TANAPA - Tanzania National Parks
    2. m.a.m.s.l. - metres above metric sea level

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