Reedbuck campsite

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Altitude: 2945 m.a.m.s.l.

A public campsite in Arberdare national park's moorlands with facilities such as a dining area, picnic and dining benches, toilets and showers — both with running water.

It has amazing views of the surrounding moorlands.

All campers need to bring their own food and camping gear, and accommodation is on a first come first serve basis.

What to do there?Camping, bird watching, picnics, hiking, game viewing — a few animals who venture close to the area.

Best time to visitAny time during the dry days of the year

Location of Reedbuck campsite Reedbuck campsite is in the moorlands of Aberdare national park's southeastern end, near Kiandongoro gate.

How to get thereBy vehicle, as the nearest airstrips are a bit further out, outside the park.

The nearest entry point is Kiandongoro gate and 4x4s are recommended during the rains.

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