School huts campsite

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Altitude: 4710 mamsl

School huts is a campsite that is located in the alpine desert region of mount Kilimanjaro, at the foot of the Kibo volcanic cone and It is mostly used by ascending climbers on the longest "northern circuit route". As the northern circuit root is seldom used, the school huts camps is small in size, with toilets provided in the form of pit latrines. Its high altitude means there is little to no water available for sanitation, apart from rain water and that which is carried by porters. The camp is also one of the few places in Tanzania where you may see snow and accommodation is mostly in tents, and also one of the final campsites encountered before reaching the summit of the mountain (others being kibo, arrow glacier camp and Barafu hut).

Location of School huts campsiteSchool huts campsite is located on the eastern base of Kibo volcanic crater and also a few kilometers north of Kibo huts. The campsite is also deep in the alpine desert region, an area that is filled with no vegetation, has very low temperatures, high winds and a landscape that is filled with rocks.

Abbreviationsmamsl - metres above metric sea level

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