Shiptons campsite

    Altitude: 4260 m.a.m.s.l.

    The Shipton's campsite of mount Kenya is the second encountered when climbing the mountain using the Sirimon route, coming just after the beautiful Mackinder's valley and with breathtaking views of the mountain's main peaks.

    It has cabin accommodation inside dormitory style wooden houses, each with several rooms and several bunk beds in each room. There also is a large communal area that is used for meals, as well as kitchens. Visitors at the campsite have the choice of either using the cabins or their own tents for accommodation; However, the cabins require pre booking.

    For the toilets there is the choice of a long drop pit latrine outside or W.Cs inside the main campsite houses that have running cold water. The campsite also has separate sleeping quarters for guides and porters.

    Most of the people you may meet at this campsite would be those ascending using the Sirimon route, spending a night here before starting the trek to point Lenana slightly after midnight of the next morning.

    Location of Shiptons campsiteThe Shipton's campsite of mount Kenya is located right next to and on the upper end of Mackinder's valley and the river Liki (also downhill from it), with just a 3 hour hike up a steep slope before getting to point Lenana.

    There is very little vegetation in the area surrounding it, consisting mostly of giant groundsels and patches of moundy grass, with large rocks here and there. There also are a few animals in the area mostly rodents and birds. The vegetation is characteristic to that found in the early parts of the alpine desert region of the mountain

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