Shira 1 campsite


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Altitude: 3510 m.a.m.s.l.

An overnight camping area and resting point that is located along the Lemosho trekking route of mount Kilimanjaro.

Used exclusively during the ascent, it is the second campsite on the route, and is normally reached late in the afternoon of the second day.

It doesn't have any built up accommodation, thus requiring all people using the campsite to have their own tents.

The only house onsite is a solar powered wooden cabin at the western end that is for the camp's resident ranger.

All toilets are unisex 'long drop' pit latrines that are housed in small wooden shacks and can be found at different locations on the camp's perimeter.

The name Shira comes from its location on the Shira plateau, one of the three peaks of the mountain.

What to do therecamping, glamping, hiking, game viewing, bird watching — raptors, picnics.

Best time to visitThe warmer times of the year, usually July to February.

Location of Shira 1 campsite

Shira 1 campsite is located on the Shira plateau, in the western end of mount Kilimanjaro.

There are two other campsites that share the same name, namely the Shira 2, and Shira cave campsites, both of which are located within close proximity to each other.

The Shira 2 campsite serves as the next stop for people on the Lemosho route, usually coming from Mti mkubwa campsite.

Shira 1 campsite is also located in the heath region of the mountain, with rainfall levels second only to those of the rain forest and high winds blowing through what is mostly open grounds.
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