Simba campsite

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Altitude: 2671 m.a.m.s.l.

Simba campsite Kilimanjaro is an overnight resting point that is situated along the north eastern part of the mountain, it is also the first campsite that one would encounter when hiking along the Rongai route of mount Kilimanjaro. Due to the few numbers of hikers using the Rongai route, the campsite is small in size when compared to the rest. It also has no built accommodation but only spaces to pitch tents on and toilets in the form of pit latrines.

Location of Simba campsiteSimba campsite is located on the north eastern side of mount Kilimanjaro near Rongai gate and the Tanzania - Kenya border. The next camp from here is Second cave camp, about 8km away (actual distance) and a minimum hiking time of about 3 hours. Simba campsite is also located just outside the rain forest zone of the mountain and in the heather land region with a lot more green vegetation than you would see higher up the mountain, but fewer than that of the rain forest. There also are a lot more animals than you would see higher up the mountain.

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